FJ40/45 Turn Signal Switches

1958 to 9/71 Turn Signal Switch

Switch removed from housing

Switch contacts inside the switch

How the 58 to 9/71 turn switch works electrically


9/71 to 9/72 Turn Signal Switch

Everything is the same internally/externally as the 58 to 9/71 turn signal switch, but this switch has a 6 pin male connector instead of 6 bullet connectors


9/72 to 9/77 Turn Signal Switch

This is the year the column changed to having the dimmer on the column and the turn switch built into the colum instead of external to the column. The 9/72 to 9/77 column has three connectors, 1 6 pin (Turn Signal and Horn), 1 Green 4 pin (Key Switch), and 1 White 4 pin (Dimmer Switch)

Connector Wiring

Turn Signal Connector


9/77 to 7/80 Turn Signal Switch


8/80 to 10/84Turn Signal Switch