The Company

Global Software, Inc. was incorporated July 19, 1998 under the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. GLOBAL SOFTWARE, INCORPORATED was formed to develop and market commercial quality automated truck load out application software and hardware for businesses that load and weigh bulk materials. These applications provide business clients with "state-of-the-art" solutions to their business problems. GLOBAL utilizes a host of development environments, or programming languages. These include Clarion, (Clarion is a 5th Generation Language i.e., a total development environment that allows for screen/keyboard handling, file handling, and processor control source code to be generated, annotated, compiled, and linked in one operation) Visual Basic, Visual C/C++, Perl, TcL, and Java. GLOBL has experience in the development of windows DLL's, VBX's, and Clarion 5-8 add on libraries. We are also currently in development of Smart Phone app's that will allow information from your database to be securely sent to any Android phone, or for a phone to interact with your database.

The prime corporate focus of GLOBAL SOFTWARE, INCORPORATED shall be an avid interest in providing its clients with the finest quality of product and service. Toward this end, the officers and staff of GSI bring to bear the combined experience represented by over 30 years serving this industry. Their efforts have been instrumental in the development of automated truck weighing and loading systems


Our Founder: James M. Harn

Global Software, Inc. was founded by the late James M Harn. Jim had many years of experience in the coal, aggregate, waste management, and asphalt industries before founding Global. While working in the coal industry as an accountant, Jim developed software written in DB2 that was the forefather of our current software. He was also the first president of Automation Services, Inc, a company he and others purchased from Ashland Oil in the early 90's. ASI developed aggregate, asphalt, and waste management software from Ashland's partially developed coal software. This experience enabled Jim, after leaving ASI, to put together a team of programmers and hardware personnel, that over the years, has filled the need for quality, robust, and above all else, easily changeable software. Jim passed away in January of 2014. His philosophy of always taking care of the customer will remain with us as we continue forward in to the future. Rest in peace Jim...


The Product

GLOBAL SOFTWARE, INCORPORATED's products are aimed at companies that rely on computers for their day-to-day managerial information. It is not only sufficient that GLOBAL SOFTWARE, INCORPORATED possess a high degree of proficiency as an application developer, it is necessary that the officers and staff of GLOBAL SOFTWARE, INCORPORATED have a working knowledge of the businesses that they serve. Initially having developed the first "weight ticketing" application in 1981, the officers and staff have served the truck weighing industry for over 26 years. The following vertical markets are best suited to the expertise of GLOBAL, Incorporated.

Our Services

Global Software offers many services to suit our customers.