Frequently Asked Questions   


Can the software be updated automatically via the web?

Yes.  Using any method to connect to the web such as dial up, broadband, or Network we can remotely update any sites program.

Can your software export data to my accounting package?

Yes.  Because we offer custom solutions, we can integrate with virtually anything.  Typically, our customers prefer to have us generate customized export files for their respective back end system. We currently offer solutions for Quick Books Pro, JD Edwards, Timberline, and Oracle

Can you interface to multiple scales and scale types?

Yes. We can handle scale types from simple platform scales to negative-weigh-back, batcher, and weigh-hopper scenarios. Our software will allow  up to 6 scales on the screen at one time. Simply tab between them.

For Automatic Load out Systems, how quickly can you load a truck?

Depends on material size and type, gate opening size and gate speed, number of drops and silo capacity. A typical 20 ton 1 drop aggregate load can take only 8 to 15 seconds!  Asphalt is a little different as there are usually multiple drops involved, however even with 3 drops and 4 seconds between drops to position the truck a 20 ton load takes less than  30 seconds!

Can you interface to other computers or PLC systems?

Yes. We have experience with multiple interface types. RS-232C, RS-485, Ethernet, and ModBus. With our custom programming abilities we can write a custom interface to talk to your equipment. Just let us know your needs!

Can I upgrade to multiple sites with data transfer to / from each site?

Yes! Using the powerful built in replication feature of Sybase SQL we can add the ability to replicate data between computers via the Internet, dial-up line, local net or even email!

Do you offer Remote Help via Internet connection?

Yes! You or we can connect to the remote system using several methods. PC Anywhere, RAdmin, VNC, Team Viewer, or Remote Desktop Connection will all allow secure connections to your system. Remote Desktop Connection is built in to Windows XP so it's easy to use and implement. Now it's easy for a remote site to SHOW you the problem or for you to show them the solution! Just think of the money that can be saved by not having to travel to a remote site...

Are you NTEP Certified?

Global Software has a Certificate of Conformance for Weighing and Measuring Devices from the National Type Evaluation Program.