Custom Systems   

Having examined other solutions, including our own Standard Solution, your conclusion is simple; your company needs custom software! Making decisions about your company's custom hardware and software needs can be challenging. Collectively, Global Software's employees have over 30 years experience working in the asphalt and aggregate industries. We can tell you what works, what doesn't, and why.

We will meet with you and your team; show you examples of other sites, help determine your needs, then develop a proposal and present it to you for review. After reaching an agreement on how the system will work, we will start the actual process of building your system.

Once the system has been developed, we assist your team with training and installation at all your locations. In addition, we provide full electrical documentation and can provide training for on-site electricians to maintain the system. We will never leave you wondering about how your system works.


Click on the pictures or on the bold blue words below to learn more about our custom solutions.

Loader Interface Using a third party loader mounted terminal with long range RF receive/transmit ability, Global can send information about a truck to be loaded, (Truck number, time in yard, and load to amount) directly to the loader terminal screen. This eliminates trucks being loaded out of order or trucks that sit in your yard too long. Click the picture above for a more detailed description of this.

Computer/PLC Load Out This system can load an aggregate or asphalt truck automatically by reading the scale and controlling the silo gates. We can also control any device (traffic lights, photo switches, horns) that uses DC to 240VAC, input or output. PLCs make it easy to control almost any industrial device. Click the picture above for a more detailed description of this.

LED signs can be found entering and leaving a site and can show any information from your database. If you have our RF tag reader system, a trucker can scan his card and have his previous job and product information displayed on the screen. If he needed any information changed, he would press a button on the intercom to contact someone in your office to change it. After the scale operator changes the information, the sign will display the updated informations. Now the driver can proceed into the quarry to get loaded. We can suggest other uses for these LED signs. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Click the picture above for a more detailed description of this.

Global offers a unique Voice Interface for sites that require interaction between the truck drivers and the weigh system. Our software can playback per-recorded sound files to guide a truck driver through the weighing process. We use a high volume outdoor speaker located on the scale or near the RF Reader. Combined with a keypad, the system can have the driver input product or job codes, and silo numbers if this is a auto load out system, into the system quickly and easily. Click the picture above for a more detailed description of this.

Auto RFID is the combination of RF tag technology and weighing software to uniquely identify a truck. Using the tag ID and driver interaction with a scale operator, or using a keypad, detailed information is captured by the weighing system.. Generally, a RF Tag is placed on the truck, or the driver has a hand held RF tag. This tag is read by an antenna placed on or near the scale. Click the picture above for a more detailed description of this.

Scheduling - As with most of our custom solutions the name of the game is SPEED! If you knew in advance which trucks would be hauling on which jobs, and for how long, or for how many loads, how much time would you save throughout the day? This is what scheduling accomplishes. Each truck with an RF Card can be assigned a job and a product and then scheduled for any amount of time or for X amount of loads. Click the picture above for a more detailed description of this.