Our Base Platform: EZ Weigh

Global Software developed this expandable ticketing application for small growing companies that do not need a large volume application to start.

If your company needs a solid weighing solution with a variety of features, near real-time information transfer with the home office, and an easy upgrade path, this may be the system for you.

EZ Weigh Features List


These are some of the available tables in our database:

Site : Customers : Jobs : Trucks : Owners: Haul Zones : Misc Charges : Price Group : Taxes : Products : Loading Station : Stock Pile : Salesman : Tickets : Ticket Message : Plus two generic user defined tables.

Hardware Requirements


Available Modules


Unattended or attended weighing using RF ID cards

Aggregate Silo/Bin Load Out:   Unattended or attended

Asphalt Silo Load Out: Attended.

Wireless Yard Loader Interface (Displays a trucks 'load to' information inside your loader)

Where Do I Go From Here?

As your company grows, so do your business needs. This is where our Custom Solutions Software comes in. We work with you to determine the specific features you need to add to your existing software.