1971 Body/Chassis FSM

1971-74 F Engine FSM

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Gasket Indentification/Templates

I know a lot of you guys like to do everything yourself including making your own gaskets.  Well Before I installed my knuckle kit I scanned in the gaskets at 1:1. If you click on these pics to get the full size images, then save the image, open it in a graphics program and print them out at 1:1 you can use them as a template to make you own gaskets!

Note: These are all for my Feb. 1971 Cruiser!

Rubber Scraper Ring

Fig. 1

Knuckle Rubber Scraper Ring

Rear Knuckle Felt

Fig. 2

Rear Knuckle Felt

Spindle To Knuckle Gasket

Fig. 3

Spindle To Knuckle

Oil Seal To Backing Plate Gasket

Fig. 4

Oil Seal To Backing Plate

Oil Seal Felt

Fig. 5

Front Oil Seal Felt

Locking Hub To Bearing Hub

Fig. 6

Locking Hub to Bearing Hub

Locking Hub Front Gasket

Fig. 7

Warn Locking Hub Gasket

Water Pump Gasket

Fig. 8

Water Pump Gasket


Fig. 9

Lower Thermostat


Fig. 10

Upper Thermostat


Fig. 11

Fuel Pump

Fig. 12

Oil Regulator

Fig. 13

PTO Cover

Fig. 14

T-Case Speedo Housing

Fig. 15

T-Case Top Cover

Fig. 16

T-Case Ouput Shaft Cover

Fig. 17

T-Case Front Nose Cone

Fig. 18

Vacuum Shifter Lever Cover

Fig. 19

Front Drive to Nose Cone

Fig. 20

T-Case to Tranny




1971 Body/Chassis FSM

1971-74 F Engine FSM

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