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Carburetor Confusion

The pics below are of an Aisin carb pulled from a 1974 motor I have as a spare. The date code on this carb (see Fig. 6) is 6F21 which according to various sources translates to June 21, 1976 as a manufacturing date. Huh? That would make it a 2F carb which according to SOR and other sources has vacuum secondaries. 1966 maybe? No... 1966 carbs were single barrel. So is this a bastard carb made from pieces and parts? A LCML member suggested it may be a non USA carb. After comparing pics of the carbs on the SOR site it looks like the top is a 1976 and the mid and bottom are 70-74 era parts.

NON USA 1976 Carb? No... not quite...


Fig. 1

Carb Passenger Side


Fig. 2

Carb Front


Fig. 3

Carb Drivers Side


Fig. 4

Carb Back: Linkage


Fig. 5

Carb Top


Fig. 6

Carb Date Code & Tag


Fig. 7

Carb Bottom


SOR 1976 1

SOR 1976 Carb

Mystery Solved!!!

 Jim Chenoweth of TLC Performance in Lancaster Ohio happened to see my web site about the carb question and responded with this information:

"The carburetor with the date code of June 21, 1976 is actually a 1972 model manufactured in 1976 as a replacement part. It is a replacement carburetor, just like you can still buy from the dealer. The Aisin carburetors are stamped with the date of manufacture, not the date the carb fits."

Thanks Jim!

In case you didn't know, Jim Chenoweth (also known as FJ40Jim) is THE guru of carburetors and distributors for our Land Cruisers. He owns and operates TLC Performance in Lancaster Ohio. Jim's many services include carburetor rebuilding and distributor rebuilding/recurving. He may be contacted through email at fj40jim@aol.com for pricing and lead times.





1971 Body/Chassis FSM

1971-74 F Engine FSM

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