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Spring Pack Restoring

When I got the Cruiser it had Man-a-Fre 8 leaf spring packs in the front and 7 leaf spring packs in the rear! Talk about a rough ride! They were not in too bad a shape but on a trip to Virginia to visit my dad and to pick up some other Cruiser parts I picked up a set of front and rear original springs. They sat in my basement for months before I finally got around to cleaning them up and installing them.



De-Rusting Springs

Fig. 1

De-Rusting Springs

Fig. 2


Fig. 3

Wire Wheeled

First I placed each one of them into the de-rust tank for a couple of days to completely rid them of all the rust and grease. see Fig. 1. Next I took the spring packs apart, see Fig. 2. A quick pass with a wire wheel, see Fig. 3, and they looked a lot better.

Fig. 4

Anvil Work

Fig. 5

Flatened Out

Fig. 6

Bent Straight

Next I modded the spring clamps (See Fig. 4-8 ) to allow for more flex on the trail.



Fig. 8

Fabbed Clamp



Fig. 9

Bolt and nylocs


Holes were drilled to accept 4" 3/8" bolts with nyloc nuts. I also had to fab up one clamp from a piece of scrap as I was missing one?



Different Pins

Fig. 11

Cutting new head

Fig. 12

Welding On

Fig. 13


Now I had to figure out the spring pin situation. If you have messed with springs on Cruisers before you know that each manufacture uses a different size spring pin. I had a set of springs I believe came from Man-a-Fre on the Cruiser, a set of springs that came off a 1976 FJ40 and a set of spring pins from CCOT. As you can see in Fig. 10 they are all different. CCOT on the left, 1976 in the middlen and my 1971 Man-a-Fre spring pin on the right. I read that it was easy to drill the springs so I got a brand new split point cobalt bit, some oil, and clamped the spring in a vice to give it a try. No go! No way to drill that kind of steel with a hand held drill. So... guess I will just have to make some pins that fit the existing holes. The holes in the axle spring perch matched the Man-a-Fre heads so I dug through my scrap pile and found a steel rod that was very close to the same diameter and cut two pieces slightly longer than the heads on those pins. See Fig. 11. I scrounged up some 7/16" all thread, cut two 4" sections off then used two magnetic welding helpers to align the two for welding. See Fig. 12. See the finished version in Fig. 13. Ok on with the painting.




Fig. 15


I primed each leaf with a galvanizing primer then painted over that with black. See Fig. 14-15. Before reassembling them I coated the top and bottom of each spring with Slip-Plate #3. New bushings were installed in the spring eyes. Now they are ready to put back on the vehicle!


Ready to Install!





1971 Body/Chassis FSM

1971-74 F Engine FSM

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