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Rebuilding a F/2F Starter

This page is under construction!!!

Though I plan on getting a gear reduction for !Oy I decided to go ahead and take the 2F starter apart and document it. Since the F and 2F starters are almost identical except for size, this write-up will serve for both.

Fig. 1

2F and F Starters Side

Fig. 2

2F and F Starters Rear

As you can see in Fig. 1-2 the starters are almost identical, but the 1976 2F starter on the left is smaller and lighter than the 1971 F starter on the right. So if you want to save a few lbs, swap to a 2F starter.

Disassembly (2F)

Fig. 3



Fig. 4



Fig. 5



Fig. 6



Fig. 7



Fig. 8


  1. Start by removing the two small phillips screws and the 2 long 8mm bolts on the end cap. See Fig. 3.
  2. Pop off the small cover. You will see the end shaft and a spring held in place by a U shaped keeper. Compress the spring and remove the keeper and spring. See Fig. 4.
  3. You can now remove the main end cap to expose the brush holder assembly.
  4. Clamp the starter lightly in a vise. Get two pairs of needle nose pliers. Use one pair to lift the brush holder spring while you use the other pair the slide the brush out of it's holder. Repeat for all four brushes.




1971 Body/Chassis FSM

1971-74 F Engine FSM

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