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1968 to 9/1972 Wiper Mechanicals

Removing the Wiper Arms and Gear Assemblies to windshield retainer hardware

Fig. 1

Wiper Arm Nut

Fig. 2

Arm Removed

Fig. 3

1st Shaft Seal Removed

Fig. 4

Shaft Nut Removed

Fig. 5

2nd Shaft Seal Cover Removed

Fig. 6

2nd Shaft Seal Removed

If you are here, you have a wiper problem and more than likely need to remove the wiper mechanicals. Here is how to disassemble this unit.

Start by removing the two nuts holding on the wiper arms. If you happen to have the originals DO NOT LOSE THEM! They are a rare part! See Fig. 1. Next remove the wiper arms. Note : you may need to stick a coupple of screw drivers under the arm to gently pry them off if they are stuck. Set the arms aside.

Refer to Figs 2 to Fig 6 and remove the 1st shaft seal, shaft nut, 2nd shaft seal cover, and 2nd shaft seal. Repeat for the passenger side. Now lets move our attention to the other side of the windshield.

Fig. 7

Remove Gear Assembly Mounting Bolts

Fig. 8

Remove Secondary Gear Assembly Bolts

Fig. 9

Knock Wiper Shafts through Windshield

Fig. 10

Rubber Damper

Go to the other side of the windshield. Referring to Fig. 7 and 8, remove the 4 bolts that hold the wiper motor and passenger side housings to the windshield frame. Now get a hammer and a block of wood and gently tap the wiper arm shafts through the windshield. See Fig. 9. This may leave the thick rubber vibration dampers stuck to the windshield. You can remove and clean those if you wish. See Fig. 10.

Fig. 11

Complete Removed Wiper assembly

Fig. 12

Remove Primary Gear Assembly Cover Bolts

Fig. 13

Remove Secondary Gear Assembly Cover Bolts

Fig. 14

Primary Gear Assembly Cover and Wiper Shaft

Fig. 15

Primary Gear Assembly Guts

Fig. 16

Secondary Gear Assembly Guts

OK, now that you have the assembly removed, lets start breaking it down even further. Start by removing the 6 small screws holding the cover plate to the primary gear assembly as shown in Fig. 12. Also remove the single screw that holds the retaning clip for the slide cable mechanism. Then remove the three screws holding the sceondary gear assembly cover in place, and the single screw holding the retaning clip for the slide cable mechanism as shown in Fig. 13. Remove both covers being carful not to tear the gaskets under the covers. They are not available!

Fig. 17

Connecting Rod C Clips

Fig. 18

Drive Gear C Clip

Fig. 19

Wiper Motor Bolts


Fig. 21

Brush Plate


Fig. 22

Primary Gear Assembly Guts


Fig. 23

Secondary Gear Assembly Guts



http://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/wiper-motor-from-a-volvo-into-a-75-fj40.845304/#post-9644022 Volvo wiper motor link





1971 Body/Chassis FSM

1971-74 F Engine FSM

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