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Making a New Rear Sill

As I'm new to metal fabrication this project took several weekends to accomplish. Most just spent figuring out how the body was put together and how I was going to cut it out without removing too much material. See the previous section for pics of what I started with. I had researched the sill problem and decided that I liked the idea of using a 2x4 steel tube to replace it. I acquired the tubing and started measuring ...

Hi Lift Support

Fig. 1

Welded Ends

Fig. 2


Rather than leave the ends open I welded them up to keep water out.

Stub Before Welding

Fig. 3

I also decided to make the bolts into studs so I would have a smooth surface to weld the floor pan to. This will however make it a bit more difficult to remove the body in the future. I will have to lift the body high enough so the studs will clear the rear channel.

Sill Quarter Support

Fig. 4


Fig. 5


Now I had to make the end pieces for the tub support. I had a piece of galvanized 10 gauge sheet. Using the old tub supports I cut out I traced them onto the sheet then cut them out with a jig saw and a metal cutting blade. Boy did that take forever! Next I clamped the pieces to the tube, put it in the truck to line it up with the body and tack welded a support piece in between them. I then cut some 16 gauge sheet from an old panel and welded that so it followed the curve. This was easier than it sounds. Just tack the piece on one end then using a hammer start bending the piece to fit. Tack again and just keep working toward the end. Finally I welded the pieces onto the tube. Next up was final test fitting to see if the body panels and such lined up.

Looking Good

Fig. 6

Pretty close fit.


Painted and Drying

Fig. 7

After final grinding and an coat of Rust Bullet here is what you get.


Tire Carrier Holes

Fig. 8

After a coat of black paint I mounted it and drilled out the holes for the bottom tire carrier bracket. When I replace the quarter panels I can use those holes to mark the panel in the right spot.

Ok now I had to tie the sill to the tub. To do this I used 2" x 2" angle iron.

Ready to Cut

Fig. 9

I cut out the rusted section of the tub ...

Ready To Weld

Fig. 10


Bugger Welds

Fig. 11


... and welded in the angle iron.


That was it!

Next up: Center Channel Tub Support ....



1971 Body/Chassis FSM

1971-74 F Engine FSM

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