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Turn Signal Switch

Now that I had the signals working it was time to fix the stiff switch. I removed the unit from the truck and took it to the work bench. Fig. 1 shows it before cleaning and disassembly:

Before Cleaning

Fig. 1


I took the 4 screws out of the back then the three screws holding the switch in place. See Fig. 2.

Switch Open

Fig. 2

The switch itself was working fine but was a tad stiff. I sprayed it with contact cleaner to clean out any gunk then shot it full of dielectric grease to keep the contacts from oxidizing. See Fig. 3.

Switch Removed

Fig. 3

(See Turn Signal Operation for a complete description of how this circuit functions.)

The switch actuating shaft was very stiff so I sprayed penetrating oil all around it and let it sit for a while. I then used a pair of channel locks and tried to work it loose. Well I worked it loose all right! I broke the pin holding the adapter end clean in two! Turned out the pin was aluminum? The shaft was starting to loosen up so I kept working it until it was easy to turn. I figured the aluminum housing had oxidized around the steel shaft resulting in the tightness. I then cleaned the housing and wires and put it all back together. I used a pop rivet to attach the adapter back on. Sorry no pic of that mess :-)

** Updated 2-18-2005 ** With pics and text of the upper part of the turn lever housing.

** Updated 5-12-2005 ** Added pic of roller ball

Housing Screw

Fig. 4

C-Clip for Lever

Fig. 5

Detent Gizmo

Fig. 6


Fig. 7

Roller ball

Fig. 8

Roller Ball

Photo in Fig. 8 by :Steve McGavren

The turn signal lever can also bind in the housing for the same reason it does in the switch housing: Oxidization!

  1. Fig. 4 shows the large phillips screw you take out to remove the lever housing from the column.
  2. Fig. 5 shows the c-clip and spacer washer you remove to get the lever out of the housing. Note: the big threaded hole in the lower left corner is part of the "Three on the Tree" shifter mechanism which I no longer have.
  3. Fig. 6 shows the two spring loaded stops and the spring loaded brass 'button' that rides in the detents.
  4. Fig. 7 shows the brass button out of the lever.
  5. Fig. 8 shows the roller ball that is supposed to be in the end of the button. Mine is missing, anyone have one?
  6. When you put it back together put just a small dab of thick grease on the brass button sides and front. Also a light coating on the lever stub.

** Updated 1-18-2007 ** Added several pics of turn signal switch showing restoring it with powder coat.

Removing Brass Pin

Fig. 9

Removing Brass Pin

Sand Blasted Parts

Fig. 10

Sand Blasted Parts

Lever Assembly

Fig. 11

Lever Assembly


Fig. 12


Fig. 13

All Finished!



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1971 Body/Chassis FSM

1971-74 F Engine FSM

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