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Assembling the Brake Shoes/Springs/Cylinders

Gather the backing plate, two rebuilt wheel cylinders, 8 mounting bolts with washers, hard line manifold with mounting bolt, two hard line to wheel cylinder bolts (union bolts) with four new copper washers, and a new set of brake shoes and return springs.


Fig. 1

Some of the parts

  1. Ok you have 4 wheel cylinders, 2 with an L cast in them and two with an R. The ones with an L are for the DRIVERS side, the ones with the R the PASSENGER side. Separate them now! Work with one side at a time to prevent mixing them!
  2. We will start with the Drivers side. Lay the plate down so that the hard line mounting hole is up as in Fig. 2. Looking at Fig. 2 as a guide attach the wheel cylinders with an L to the backing plate using 4 8mm x 1.25mm bolts and lock washers. Pay attention to the orientation of the wheel cylinder brake adjusters! The left one goes up the right one down.
  3. Now attach the brake hard line manifold to the back of the plate. Leave the mounting bolt loose.
  4. Attach one end of the manifold union to a wheel cylinder. You may have to bend the line to line it up, just don't kink it. Remember one copper washer goes under the union bolt head the other goes between the wheel cylinder and the manifold union! Leave the union bolt loose.
  5. Attach the other line to the other wheel cylinder. Now go back and FIRMLY tighten the 17mm union bolts. You are compressing the copper washer to make a seal for the hydraulic fluid.
  6. Tighten the manifold mounting bolt.
  7. For attaching the shoes you either need a partner or you can wait to do this once the plate is mounted to the spindle. I had a partner so I went ahead and mounted the shoes. Lay the shoes out on the bench beside the backing plate oriented as shown on Fig. 2 and Fig. 3. You'll notice that the mounting ends of the shoes have a wide end and a narrow end. The wide end fits into the adjuster and the narrow end goes into the piston. Also the lining as mounted on the shoe is offset. The gap is largest on the piston side and smallest on the adjuster side. Again see Fig. 3.

Manual 1

Fig. 2

Page from Manual

Shoe Properties

Fig. 3

Mounting Shoes Correctly

Finished Plates!

Fig. 4

Completed Set


  1. Using Fig. 2-3 as a guide attach the brake return springs to the shoes. The left spring goes BEHIND the shoes the right spring goes in FRONT of the shoes.
  2. Get your partner. You grab one shoe and he grabs the other. Keep the springs attached. Have the partner slide his shoes into the adjuster and piston on his side.If your truck has the spring hold down pins and clips then attach them now to that shoe to hold them in position. Now have him firmly hold the plate while you stretch your springs and slide your shoe ends into place. Attach the hold down pins and clips if you have them. Note: If you are by yourself then wait until the backing plate is mounted on the spindle so you can stretch them yourself.
  3. Repeat for the passenger side. See Fig. 4 for the completed set.

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1971 Body/Chassis FSM

1971-74 F Engine FSM

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